Ready To Rock Your Next Birthday Party?

The reality is that this birthday party checklist will not only guide you on planning and preparing for your party faster and easier; it will help you feel more calm, and eliminate stress and frustration as the party approaches.

If you struggle to plan an amazing birthday party, or are not sure what to do and when to do it, then the Ultimate Birthday Party Checklist is just what you need. It will provide you with the following:

  • Comprehensive task list to plan and prepare the best birthday party starting 2-3 months before the party through the day of the party
  • A chronological list so you know what details to focus on 1st, 2nd, and so on
  • Tasks broken down into simple steps
  • Easy to follow actions
  • A step by step process to construct a smooth and successful party that your guests will love and look forward to coming back to again in the future.


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This birthday party checklist was EXACTLY what I needed to plan my 2 year old's birthday party. It included every single detail you can think of and creating a party timeline ahead of time was genius. I actually got to enjoy the party myself which was amazing!

~Charity T.~

Hello, I'm Kami!

And I know exactly what it is like to stress over planning a birthday party.

As a mom trying to give my babies the best birthday party, I had so many questions and was not sure what I all needed to do to pull off a great party. In addition, I was throwing a party on a small budget - I didn't have the money to spend on a lavish party. I just wanted my guests to enjoy themselves. I remember thinking I wished there was some kind of checklist to follow for exactly what to do to plan for a party.

After a few parties things started to get easier and I figured out what worked. I learned from experience, planned and organized the party more in advance, kept various lists and notes before and after the party, and let go of the things that were too challenging or didn't matter. Now I love throwing my kids' birthday parties and look forward to them every year. I want the same for you!

There are a lot of details that go into throwing a successful birthday party, so I created this detailed checklist to assist you with just that. My hope is that this party planning tool makes your party prepping easier and less stressful so you can enjoy a wonderful party experience😊.

If you are ready to plan the best birthday party, then get my Ultimate Birthday Party Checklist NOW. It will provide you with an all-inclusive task list with everything you need to do to get ready for your party. Believe me - it is a game changer!

I am so glad I got this birthday party checklist and will never plan another party without it! I love how each to-do item is broken down days, weeks, and months before the party. It was the least stressed I have ever been leading up to a party. My daughter absolutely loved her party and I got so much positive feedback from guests afterwards.

~Lisa R.~

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